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November 11, 2016




Musical Venture Radio

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Music Fans of Independent Artists

Our new website is packed with information and features you will find useful and will whet your appetite for more. Oh! You will return. You will enjoy it!

It was the Spring of 2016 when we began to dream about an exciting journey: To broadcast an adventure in popular music, but with a fresh approach. In the past, we strived to entertain our expanding community by offering music, talk shows and chats with many listeners across the world, creating friends and partnerships among like-minded people.

Now our website offers integrated social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter, to foster communications between MusicalVentureRadio and YOU! Our Home Page will showcase essential information regarding artists, news and events on the musical world, and data regarding our programs and products, artists, news and events. It is designed to provides you with integrated social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter to foster YOUR communications with us! Take some time to look around the site and give us your thoughts.

But wherever you go, tune in. You will be pleased to have us in your company! Listen to MusicalVentureRadio using your desk or laptop computer, your tablet or your cellular or any mobile device with Internet access. You will have an exciting journey! Good music 24 hours around the clock and around the globe! And with an incredible sound!

MusicalVentureRadio is a complete music service using cutting edge technology. Expertly designed music programs and talk shows delivered on the web via live streaming services 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week. A seamless music discovery experience and a uniquely personalized source of entertainment, supporting music fans, music artists and more. If you want to hear an oldie and it is available in our music libraries, we will play on your time zone. We will keep you up to date about music, old and new, no frontiers, no passports needed. We aim to please and entertain you around the world. And our internet radio streams are delivered to you for free.

If you are a recording artist with a new hit on your hands, let us know, we will give you air time in our programs.  We will provide access to artists, and showcase and sell their products. We will particularly support independent music artists.

We thank you in advance for your interest and we will do our best to deserve your continued support to MusicalVentureRadio!

Best regards,

Ricky Schulze and Staff

MusicalVentureRadio was created in September of 2016.

Its headquarters are located in the Republic of Panama.