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Zandre releases a new single, ‘Chase the Sun’

Zandre is a South African artist with a passion for people and music!

With Embracing Africa being her 4th album released in a variety of markets, Zandre is looking forward to bringing all types of cultures together with one message of hope, love and a passion for entertainment.

‘Zandre’ (2008), ‘Somer Soene’ (2010), ‘Alice in Nashville’ (2012), ‘Die Een’ (2015) and ‘Embracing Africa’ (2016) are all products in which she has great pride.

Zandre (Born in Cape Town, 4th April 1989) started competing in singing competitions at the tender age of 13. She received the Student of the year award at her local music school and got chosen to represent South Africa in the World Championships of Perform Arts twice. She competed against 52 countries in Los Angeles where she received Gold, Silver and the ‘’Industry Award” for exceptional stage performance.

After 9 Years in the Afrikaans music industry, Zandre took on a whole new music genre and is now placing much more focus on different cultures in the African-Universal market

Her career as an Afrikaans artist was a full one, performing at several music fests, her music was on several top charts on various radio stations and exceptional CD sales as an independent artist. Her music videos is playing on several TV channels and she made appearances on Morning LIVE, JAM, Jukebox, Hectic Nine-9, SABC, kykNET, Ontbytsake and ASTV. Zandre also featured in magazines such as TV Plus, Finesse, GET IT Pretoria and several newspapers. Zandre takes much pride in being nominated for a Ghoema Music Award.

So why the change in genre? Zandre feels there’s a better satisfying future for her in changing people’s lives through music and bringing different cultures together. There’s so much negativity in Africa and she wants to bring hope and show that there is space for different cultures to enjoy and embrace each other, instead of having a racial war…

Her music has a feel-good factor, with Zandre singing in African languages such as Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa, Shona as well as English. The music video of the popular song “Vulindlela “, from the Famous Brenda Fassie, is playing on various channels. The latest video, Chase The Sun, was recently released on Youtube and there is much more to come.

Zandre is receiving very positive and exciting reaction from crowds all over South-Africa and very humbled by all the support. “Embracing Africa” says it all and is here to stay…

Some more information about the song:

·   Chase the Sun is a original song that features on Zandre’s latest album, Embracing Africa.

·   It’s written by Dennis East

·   On this album she sings in English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Shona and more.

·   Embracing Africa is available on iTunes and all Music outlets.

Watch the video here: 

Zandre has certainly been taking Africa by storm! She blew away fans on Expresso Morning Live (SABC2) earlier this year and is also performing at the very popular Grand White Dinner this year, amongst Lira and other artists:


The Grand White Dinner –

More information:

Facebook: Zandre

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