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Moses Metro Man new single, ‘Deurnag’

mmmNew EP from MOSES METRO MAN, entitled SPEKTRUM, distributed by VONK MUSIEK.

The EP was recorded by a collaboration of producers.

Blakk Productions, Lightstain Studios and Vlagskip Productions worked on selective tracks.

The EP contains the signature MMM strong chorus together with an ensemble of other instruments. The EP design was done by the talented Peter Crafford. The EP consists of eight tracks. Hit songs like ‘Mooirivier’, ‘Vuur teen Vuur’ and their new single, ‘Deurnag’ are all part of the release, together with a first time English track, ‘Rosemary’.

“It took us two years to compile and record a handpicked bunch of songs. Every song on this EP speaks about the tough, but enjoyable journey that we had the past two years. I hope that when people listen to the music, they’ll engage in their own journeys with hope.”



is a rock super group which formed in 2010. MMM promptly gains recognition due to the fact that the members originate from other prominent bands in South Africa such as Straatligkinders, Winterstasie and also the theatre industry. They release their debut album,‘

Konstellasies’ (produced by SAMA nominee, Ewald Jansen van Rensburg), in 2011 through David Gresham Records. They also release 6 music videos from this album, of which ‘Huigelaar’, ‘Samoerai’ (awarded under the MK MVP initiative and charts on MFM Top 40) and ‘Die Eenvoud In’ reach various chart positions on the MK Top 10 Music Videos Chart.In 2012,

MMM wins the MK Award for Best Newcomer, as well as receive a Ghoema Award nomination for Best Rock Album, and two Huisgenoot Tempo Award nominations for Best Alternative Video and Best Rock Album. MMM also forms part of the ‘Huisgenoot Liedjieskryfkompetisie’ in 2012 – a competition for young and upcoming songwriters to send in their songs. Ten winners were chosen and MMM was one of the recording artists for the song of one of the winners, Julian Malan. A music video for the song, ‘Is Dit Goed Genoeg?’ was also made. MMM performed the song at the prestigious Tempo Awards Ceremony.Soon

MMM was heard on radio stations across the nation. ‘Huigelaar’ reached a Top 5 spot on the SA Rock Chart on 5FM. They were asked to perform the national anthem at the Varsity Cup 2012 which was broadcasted internationally on the Supersport channel on DSTV. In 2012 they were chosen as one of the bands to take part in the GWM Rocks nationwide tour and performed in front of thousandsof people. In 2013 they receive their second MK MVP music video for ‘

Wêreld Se Tyd’, which is subsequently released in 2014. In 2014, they also wrote and recorded the theme song for Afrikaans film ‘Mooirivier’. Their single, ‘Vuur Teen Vuur’ also reached the #3 spot on TuksFM’s Top 107 songs of 2015. The band has appeared on TV shows such as MK Studio 1, MK Live, YoTV on SABC, Hoor-Hoor on KykNet and their music has also been heard on KykNet’s Jukebox and Lekker Legendes. They have also performed live on 5FM’s Live @ 5 feature with Catherine Grenfell.

Their latest single, ‘Deurnag’ is part of the new Afrikaans movie, ‘Sy klink soos lente’ soundtrack.



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